do you guys remember that one post about how men feel entitled to take up so much space and women have to deal with a lot less?

This is actually a documented thing. You always see men on the subway or tube or whatever using both armrests while women sit with their arms hunched together into their laps. That’s why I always make a point to take up at least one if not both armrests of the tube so men can be uncomfortable for once.

^ again, for all the people telling me posting this picture is complaining too much.

In my college classes (and high school too) guys were always stretching, sticking fists and elbows in my face, leaning their heads back over my desk, over my work, spreading their legs out, kicking my bag with their dirty shoes. And let’s not pretend they were in other guys’ space as much as they were in women’s.

It’s so true, this happens to me every day on the train. Same with the walking thing, women will weave out of the way whereas men just walk straight and plow down anything in their path. I always end up playing chicken with men on the sidewalk now, because I refuse to move out of their way.

I love playing chicken with dudes who hog the sidewalk. BODY CHECK! Fucking assholes.
Men always have the same defensive bullshit to spout every time they get called out on their shit. AND IT IS BORING. They remind me of those toys where you pull a string an they have like 5 phrases they can say. Over and over and over.

same here with playing chicken, its hilarious sometimes because they get this flash of realization in their eyes that says ‘holy shit, she’s NOT going to move/??? what do????’ because THEY ARE SO USED TO EVERYONE MOVING FOR THEM

when i was younger my grandpa drew this on a piece of paper,

and he asked me how i, as the red circle, would get around the two people (black circles) if i was walking down the street.
so of course i came back with

moving out of the way for them as i walked.
he asked me if i thought men would do the same and, at the time, i did because i thought it was just common courtesy. but he told me that men would barrel straight through without giving a shit and that i should do the exact same. because i was the one walking and they were the ones in the way. so that’s exactly what i do.

i find this really fascinating because this actually what defines so-called masculine and feminine traits and gestures. the whole limp-wrist thing? that’s someone decreasing the amount of space they take up by not extending their arm fully. same with crossing one’s legs, how it’s considered more masculine to swing your shoulders when you walk creating a wider gait instead of your hips, how someone who holds their elbows tightly into their torso instead of letting them fall more loosely at their sides is considered feminine.
taking up space is not just a frequent habit of males in our culture, its actually how society thinks masculinity is supposed to be expressed.

It’s also why you can seriously freak people out if you’re a woman by sitting back in your chair and draping your arm over the backrest of the one beside it.
Try it.
It’s claiming space, and more importantly, it’s powerful body language. In primates (including humans), the individual that “opens” its chest—that is, leaves it open to attack—is the most dominant of them, precisely because it shows a confidence that no one WILL attack you.
Look at someone who’s comfortable vs someone who’s uncomfortable—the uncomfortable person will inevitably cross their arms or cover their chest to in an instinct to protect the thoracic cavity.
So, when you want to look HELLA confident, open up your chest and make direct eye contact. It feels weird (for women!) at first, but it’s the fastest way to freak a dude out. They genuinely do not know what to do when a woman displays behaviour they recognize as confident.

This was interesting. Literally never thought about it before. 

i am going into the ninth grade and i literally have to deal with this shit everyday at school. these entitled motherfuckers think that long legs are an excuse to clutter my leg space. i am 5’6” and a good 60% of my height is my long legs but i don’t pile them underneath people’s desks and it drives me insane. in fourth grade i sat next to a boy who was constantly on my nerves and always had his elbows in my space. i would repeatedly shove his elbows out of my way, tattled on him, and threatened him but he would always move his elbows back. he was so entitled to having more space than me, a tiny nine year old, he drove me up the wall with his frickin elbows i had to ask to change seats it was such a problem. boys grow up with this sense of entitlement meant and i guess i never noticed it until now and it pisses me off man i hate how naïve i have been all these years i wish i was brought up on feminism rather than on this submissive bullshit.




"Your highness" is gender neutral.

So you know, if you’re ever confused about my pronouns.

That’ll work.

alternatively, “your majesty,” “my liege,” and “supreme overlord”

please note that “your grace” is also acceptable


B. Y. E



I’m just gonna let the world figure this out

What does this mean???? Help????

Wait for it

"A new study shows that men are threatened by confident women taking pictures of themselves, and call these women stupid, socially inept, and ugly. In other news, the world is round, the sky is blue, and the patriarchy is still shitty."

Dumbass In Distress

"Look at me!  Look how smart I am!  Aren’t I plucky?  Look at how capable I am at taking care of myself!  Look at me beat up this person!"

*gets captured*

"Suddenly I am not capable of saving myself!  Somebody better come rescue me!"

I’ve enjoyed most of the Dr Who that I’ve watched so far, don’t get me wrong.  (I have also identified a lot of the problematic stuff, too)

But I just recently got into the Matt Smith season, and I’m already sick of the Dumbass In Distress trope happening.

I miss Rose, I miss Martha, and I miss Donna.  They still succumbed to the trope now and then, but I’m not even half way through the season and I’m sick of seeing Amy get captured.  Fuck.


you ever notice how in women’s razor commercials the models’ legs are already completely hairless before they “shave” them

like we can’t even handle showing body hair in a commercial about how to get rid of body hair


confusing myself like: